Dear visitors,

Please note the following spectator information!
The organisers of this rally are doing everything to assure the highest safety standard for competitors, marshals, participants and spectators. But only the adherence to safety rules especially from spectators can really bring safety for all. Please keep in mind strictly the signs and instructions of all marshals. At first you are protecting yourself and make sure a smooth flow of this rally.

Please stick to the following safety instructions::

  • Please follow strictly the instructions of marshals and helpers.
  • With the passage of the organizing car with the red flag or red rotating warning light, the track for the traffic and the pedestrians is locked.
  • Only after the passage of the organization car with green flag or a green rotating warning light, the track is released again.
  • Don't walk on the track or only for clearly designated areas / track sections and only in accordance with instructions from of a marshal!
  • Always stay on secure spectator seats!
  • Never stand on outer curves or "emergency exits".
  • Don't remove any direction arrows or information signs!
  • Pay special attention to your children, let them unattended!
  • Don't bring any animals to the track!
  • In the entire forest area and in the service zone Smoking is not permitted!

We look forward to your visit.



Achtung  Motorsport is dangerous!!